Mtw: Andy DiPetro

Andy’s artworks have gained him world-wide recognition. First, with his modern vessel style and second with his dynamic sculptural series. He has demonstrated his artwork in many woodturning clubs in the North-East region and has exhibited nationally. He has been showcased in many newspaper articles, and the following magazines: American Woodturner, Creative Woodturning New Zealand, and was a featured artist in Woodturning Magazine in England. His sculptures, “Fiore Rosso”, “Torrent,” & “Rising” plus his “Marbleized Maple” vessel have toured nationally with the AAW juried exhibitions in 2018, 2016, 2014, 2013 & 2010.

He was an invited Artist for the 2015 AAW juried exhibition. His ‘Eye of the Sun” vessel was a 2014 Niche award finalist. In 2013, Andy received an AAW Excellence award for his dynamic sculpture ‘Entwined’.  Since then, Andy has been exhibiting at the following fine art gallery/exhibits: S.O.F.A. Chicago, Bethlehem House Gallery and New Hope Arts to name a few.

Andy lives in Burlington, New Jersey with his wife, Patricia and his Golden Retriever and two Collie’s.

Andy’s wood artistry is a culmination of his life-long love for working with wood along with his artistic and engineering skills. Those who meet him for the first time quickly experience his passion and commitment to wood art.